A fruity and surprisingly intense olive oil, fresh and clean with notes of freshly cut grass, olive leaves, tomato leaf, as well as of some aromatic and citrus species. In the mouth it has an elegance with a medium bitterness, noticing ‘alloza’, banana skin and vegetables, being very complex and balanced. Bit by bit, the bitterness fades and a pungency increases, reminiscent of white pepper as it continues in the mouth for some time. Overall this is strong and well-rounded olive oil, perfectly suited to the most discerning of palates.

Variedad Hojiblanca

Extracción en frío

Información nutricional
Calorías | Calories886KCAL
Hidratos de carbono | carbohydrates0
Azúcares | Sugars0
Proteínas | Proteins0
Total grasas | Fat100GR
Grasas saturadas | Saturates13GR
Poliinsaturadas | Polyunsaturates 8GR
Monoinsaturadas | Mono-unsaturates 79GR
Grasas trans | Trans Fat 0GR
Colesterol | Cholesterol 0GR
Fibra | Fibre0GR
Sal | Salt0GR
Vitamina E | Vitamin E20 MG (200CDR)
Vitamina A | Vitamin A20 VG (25%CDR)