Fruity and green with notes of green tomato, banana, fig, green apple and artichoke. In the mouth it starts off bitter. The spiciness increases progressively. A balanced oil. Its natural antioxidants and high content of polyphenols make it one of the most stable oils in existence. An olive oil with personality.

Variedad Picual

Extracción en frío

Información nutricional
Calorías | Calories886KCAL
Hidratos de carbono | carbohydrates0
Azúcares | Sugars0
Proteínas | Proteins0
Total grasas | Fat100GR
Grasas saturadas | Saturates12GR
Poliinsaturadas | Polyunsaturates 8GR
Monoinsaturadas | Mono-unsaturates 80GR
Grasas trans | Trans Fat 0GR
Colesterol | Cholesterol 0GR
Fibra | Fibre0GR
Sal | Salt0GR
Vitamina E | Vitamin E20 MG (200CDR)
Vitamina A | Vitamin A20 VG (25%CDR)